Our Planet

TopSoildepot: soil transformation technologies, water & nutrient retention, growing plants & food in arid regions, making humus soil, sequestering carbon, permaculture/closing material cycles: waste management, water management

May be our wonderful blue planet is unique in the wide universe and the only one organic based living structures are able to survive. Moderate temperatures, enough water, ideal physical and chemical conditions: it is a paradise.

But this paradise is endangered because of too many human individuals are settling down on this big blue ball. Already more than 7 billion people try to live here and consume resources taken from the earth.

Worldwide mankind combats starvation and child mortality as a result of  environmental pollution, natural disasters and at last climate change. We find that fibers for clothes, food and water become to be rare and prices increase at regularly shorter growing intervals.

Global Food Security must be a defined goal for all the countries worldwide. Several states, especially these of the arid regions, in the meanwhile spend a lot of money to ensure the security of supply for their own population. But it is getting more and more difficult.

Mankind must learn to reuse the refuse from civilisation because the needed natural resources of earth will be used up may be a few decades later. And that is what we have to teach people worldwide: using natural resources and keep your environment clean.

An integrated approach will be implemented if all kind of aspects will be considered. Closing material cycles therefore is the most important principle: PERMACULTURE.


Do it! NOW!


 Because soil should not look like this..

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